November 19, 2018

Fairfax County Kicks-Off Phase 2 Efforts of the Communitywide Housing Strategic Plan

Fairfax County is projected to need over 62,000 new housing units in the next 15 years, 15,000 of which are projected to be needed for individuals who earn less than 60 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI).

In response to our community’s growing housing needs, the Board of Supervisors directed Fairfax County’s Department of Housing and Community Development, with the assistance of the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC), to produce a strategic plan to help address this need.

The Communitywide Housing Strategic Plan includes two phases. Phase 1 of the Plan identifies 25 short-term strategies that can be implemented, without major policy or revenue impacts, to encourage and produce additional housing units within the county. The strategies, which were adopted in June, are expected to take one to two years to implement. Among other actions, the county has already taken steps towards updating the Housing Blueprint funding process, aligning it with the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) application cycle; increasing the efficiency of the process and thereby lowering local developer costs.

Phase 2 of the plan looks at long-term strategies, tools, policies and resources to support the development and preservation of housing that is affordable in our community. To support the efforts of Phase 2 and to garner additional community input, the Board of Supervisors created an Affordable Housing Resources Panel (AHRP).

The AHRP is composed of diverse representatives from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, and met for the first time on Oct. 23. The group has been asked to provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on a goal for production and preservation of affordable housing units in the next 15 years, as well as recommendations on specific strategies for achieving that goal. The AHRP is expected to provide its recommendations to the Board of Supervisors in March 2019 for inclusion in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget guidance.