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Fairfax County Supervisors and Redevelopment and Housing Authority Enters Regional Agreement

Fairfax County Supervisors and Redevelopment and Housing Authority Enters Regional Agreement to Analyze Impediments to Fair Housing

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority (FCRHA) approved its entering into an agreement with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, other local jurisdictions and Public Housing Authorities (PHA) to participate in a Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing.

Through this effort, a third-party consultant will be retained to undertake a review of each participating jurisdiction and PHA to analyze what barriers to fair housing might exist in their areas and develop strategies for addressing barriers that were identified in that review.

“We want to uplift all people and give all people opportunities to be successful in Fairfax County. Access to housing is central to the livelihoods of our families and the strength of the economy,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeffrey McKay. “We have passed the One Fairfax initiative that ensures that we are promoting equity across the County which includes housing.”
“Furthering fair housing practices is a critical component of our work in ensuring that ALL our residents have access to a safe, comfortable and dignified home in Fairfax County,” added FCRHA Chairman Robert Schwaninger. “We are eager to review the findings and receive the data-supported strategies and actions we might consider to ensure that we are continuing to raise the bar and proactively initiate polices, initiatives and practices that advance equity in all of our housing programs and services.”

The Regional Analysis of Impediments will include a local analysis of each constituent jurisdiction (including local goals and strategies to further fair housing) as well as shared regional strategies to strengthen local actions. It is anticipated the analysis will be completed by the spring of 2022.

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