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Make Every Dollar Count with a Free Financial Coaching Session!

The impacts of COVID-19 have many Fairfax County residents struggling through lean financial times. In the wake of lost employment, reduced hours, and any number of other circumstances, many low- and moderate-income residents are finding it hard to pay rent, buy food and other necessities, and generally make ends meet. For these households, a 45-minute session with a financial coach can do a lot to help begin a plan to achieve stronger financial stability.

The Northern Virginia Housing Expo has partnered with Britepaths, a Fairfax-based nonprofit, to provide such an opportunity! Act today to schedule a FREE 45-minute meeting with a trained financial coach to help you along the path towards greater self-sufficiency. Coaching sessions are made available through the Financial Empowerment Center at South County. Expert coaches analyze each client’s financial situation, answer questions, and work to provide specific actions that you can take to improve your current circumstance. Topics can include:

  • Creating a Savings and Spending Plan

  • Homeownership Readiness

  • Debt to Income Ratios

  • Analyzing Rent Versus Buy Options

  • Strategies to Improve Credit Scores

  • Tips to Lower Expenses

  • Working with Creditors

Make the most of this opportunity by signing up for a consultation with three simple steps:

  1. Visit

  2. Click “Housing Expo – Financial Coaching”

  3. Use the calendar to select the date and time to meet with an expert that best fits your schedule


Please contact the Financial Empowerment Center at South County at 703-704-6101 or by email at

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