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New Housing Dashboard Will Help Measure Progress on Preservation, Creation of Affordable Units

As Fairfax County aims to meet and surpass its stated goal of providing a minimum of 5,000 new homes over the next 15 years – also known as “5K by 15” – , as well as to ensure there is no net loss of current affordable housing units, the county’s new Affordable Housing Dashboard will provide staff, policymakers, housing advocates, developers and the community at-large with an overall snapshot of the number of affordable homes preserved and produced countywide.

This new tool, requested and monitored by the Fairfax County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, provides a yardstick for measuring the county’s success towards its production and preservation goals. It also provides a valuable policymaking and planning tool to ensure an equitable approach to housing across the county and that areas of needs are identified and being addressed.

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