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Reminder: Shaping the Future Together: Fairfax County Strategic Plan

What does the future of Fairfax County look like to you? Fairfax County Government is beginning a strategic planning process with the community to shape the future together – and we want to hear from and include all voices. Whether you live, work or own a business in Fairfax County, we want to hear about your vision for the future of our community. We’re interested in hearing your hopes for the future, as well as the most important issues and opportunities we will need to address. Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey.

As the strategic planning process unfolds in 2019, we will have:

Defined priorities for 2020 and beyond, organized around 7-10 areas

Developed a set of community-centric and quantifiable performance indicators for each priority area

Prioritized strategies and implementation paths to achieve the outcomes on key performance indicators

Integrated other planning efforts such as economic success, the Communitywide Housing Strategic plan, Fairfax County Public Schools strategic plan, One Fairfax and more

For more information on the Strategic Plan, visit

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