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Fairfax County Affordable Housing Dashboard

As part of the Communitywide Housing Strategic Plan, Fairfax County is committed to producing and preserving affordable homes. The county has adopted the goal of producing a minimum of 10,000 new homes by the year 2034. The goal is intended to be supplemented with additional financing mechanisms and tools to produce and preserve affordable homes above the 10,000 mark. Further, the county is committed to no net loss of affordable homes. Data on the number of affordable homes preserved and produced are being monitored by the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee.

The following is a snapshot of the overall number of affordable homes in Fairfax County, along with the number of affordable homes preserved and produced. 


  • Graphics can be viewed larger by clicking on the expanded view icon - 

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  • Data can be viewed by different characteristics such as year, supervisor district, etc.

  • Note, there are three screens of data available; click the ">" below to advance to each screen

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