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Rental Assistance and Affordable Homeownership in Fairfax County
Affordable Rental Options Spark Stabilization

Thousands of Fairfax County households benefit from affordable rental options offered through the FCRHA. Whether utilizing a federal housing voucher to rent in their property of choice, or renting an affordable home owned by the FCRHA, program participants keep Fairfax County’s robust economy running. They work in hospitality, retail, food service, childcare and education, health, public safety, and countless other occupations. Affordable housing participants include families, people living with disabilities, older adults, and more. 

Affordable Homeownership Ignites the Local Economy

By creating a pathway to affordable homeownership, we are providing opportunities for stability and wealth creation for qualified homebuyers in one of the country’s most competitive housing markets. Each year, the FCRHA assists families in becoming homeowners through a variety of tools including downpayment assistance loans, sales and resales of first-time homebuyer program units, and homebuyer resources and education.

Rental Assistance Supports a Healthy Economy

Positive Economic Impact

National data show that households paying affordable rents in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) units doubled their discretionary spending, allowing them to cover necessities like health insurance, debt, and increased savings.

Source: Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

Fairfax County Rental Assistance Data
Fairfax County Owned and Operated Rental Assistance Properties Data
Fairfax County Affordable Homeownership Data

Marissa, Moving to Work Committee Member

“Fairfax County has several housing resources, and it gave me a way to have a stable home and a better life for my kids. I feel independent now and am grateful for all I have achieved. My children are now adults, but now I’m watching them achieve their dreams. It warms my heart that I was able to provide them with opportunities.”
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