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2018 Point-in-Time Count Survey Released

On the night of January 24, 2018 there were 987 people who were literally homeless in the Fairfax-Falls Church community. This represents a two percent increase from the number counted in January 2017, or 23 more people. Although there was a slight increase this year, the total remained less than 1,000 and both single individuals and persons in families remained under 500 people. The total decrease in the homeless population from 2008 to 2018 is 46 percent, which represents 848 less people homeless on one night in January 2018 then there were on one night in January 2008. During that time period, there was a decline in numbers throughout the homeless system, including in families, children in families, adults in families, single adults, people experiencing chronic homelessness, and families experiencing domestic violence. The overall reduction continues to demonstrate the success of the strategies implemented by various partners over the past 10 years.

For more information about the 2018 Point-in-Time count, visit the Fairfax County Office to Prevent and End Homelessness web page by clicking here.

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