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Board Makes Additional Investments in Affordable Housing in FY 2023 Budget Mark-up

At the April 26 meeting of the Board of Supervisors, members came together to adopt a marked-up version of the proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Budget. While the Board’s action does not constitute the formal adoption of the budget (expected to take place May 10), the meeting did include several significant actions pertaining to the advancement of affordable housing.

Fairfax County released the following statement:

In keeping with their doubled goal of 10,000 net new affordable housing units by 2034, the board has committed additional funding including a $2 million balance from the FY 2022 Third Quarter Review and an additional $10 million on top of the $5 million increase included in the FY 2023 Advertised Budget. This increased investment was possible through collaboration with the Fairfax County Public Schools on this joint priority. The FY 2023 budget allocates $44.7 million in total for this goal, including $29.7 million in baseline county funds and $15 million allocated from federal American Rescue Plan Act funds.

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