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Chairman Sharon Bulova Highlight’s Fairfax County’s Work Towards Regional Affordable Housing Goal

In the November 8 edition of the Washington Post, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Sharon Bulova, contributed an article highlighting Fairfax County’s commitment to enhancing affordable housing opportunities within the county and across the region. On September 11, Chairman Bulova moved a resolution, which received unanimous support among the region’s elected leaders in the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, to establish targets for affordable housing and committing all governing bodies to act with purpose.

In Fairfax County, this process began more than two years ago with the formation of the Affordable Housing Resources Panel and has included several key milestones and actions taken by the Board of Supervisors to move the work of development and preservation of affordable housing forward – not least of which was the Board’s adoption of the first Communitywide Housing Strategic Plan.  Read as Chairman Bulova points out some of the highlights in her Washington Post editorial – “We all need to adopt the same shared goal on home affordability”.

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