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COVID-19 Surveys Assessing Fairfax County’s Response Now Available Through July 5

Fairfax County is conducting reviews of the COVID-19 pandemic response from January 2020 through December 2021. As part of this process, the county is seeking feedback from community members that interacted with county government staff, services, and resources during the pandemic. Surveys are only seeking feedback about Fairfax County Government, not the state or federal governments or those of independent cities or towns.

Two surveys are now available for you to help assess the county’s response to the pandemic across the entire government (not just health) and for specific business-related interactions.

  • The surveys will be open until July 5.

  • They can be translated into multiple languages by selecting the “translate” button on each survey.

  • Paper surveys also will be available at regional Fairfax County Public Library branches.

Community Services Survey

This general survey is for anyone in our community to provide input on their experiences with county services. Services and assistance can include health, permits, inspections, voting, taxes, community centers, parks and recreation, transportation assistance, libraries, public meetings, commissions and councils, food assistance, housing assistance, child and adult protective services, public safety services, etc.

Business-Related Survey

This survey seeks feedback from businesses and community members who interacted with the following departments and services:

  • Department of Planning and Development: This includes zoning applications, permits (food trucks, home-based businesses, noise waivers, short-term lodging, accessory living unit, wetlands, etc.), rezonings, Architectural Review Board, comprehensive plan amendments and interpretations.

  • Land Development Services: This includes building/trade permit applications, building/trade permit plan review, site plan applications, site plan review, parking tabulations, code modification, building/trade permit inspections and site inspections.

  • Department of Economic Initiatives: This includes RISE grants, PIVOT grants and the microloan program.

  • Department of Code Compliance: This includes investigation of complaints related to outdoor storage, multiple occupancy, property maintenance, un-permitted construction, and other zoning and building code violations.

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