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Extreme Heat – How to Stay Cool with Rising Temperatures

Our area is facing temperatures in the upper 90s, and heat index values as high as 105 to 110. The county has activated around the county, which are available during normal operating hours for individuals needing relief from the heat. In addition, the three emergency shelters for single adults will activate day and night overflow shelter capacity. Cooling centers, shelters, drop-in centers and meal sites will provide supplies including bottled water, sunscreen, insect repellent and body wipes, which will also be distributed through outreach workers and other community partners. For more information, view the informational flyer.


During extremely hot days, there are many things to do to stay safe and cool. Resting for two hours indoors can significantly reduce heat-related illness. In addition to shopping malls, stores or movie theaters, you may consider cooling off at one of our county facilities designated as Cooling Centers, including:

5. Our homeless shelters, available for people experiencing homelessness.

You are encouraged to first check that locations are open before you arrive.


The county has a Cooling Assistance Program that helps keep Fairfax County residents cool during the summer months through payment of electric bills to operate cooling equipment, payment of security deposits, etc. In addition, the Senior Cool Care Program helps low-income older citizens by providing fans for eligible older adults age 60 and older.

STAY INFORMED WITH FAIRFAX ALERTS Sign up for important emergency alerts and updates during a heat emergency. Fairfax Alerts can be sent via phone, text, email and more. To sign up, scan QR code or visit:

Additional information is available at:

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