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Fairfax County Opens Landlord Portal for Emergency Rental Assistance

In February, Fairfax County launched a new portal for landlords to seek rental assistance on behalf of their tenants. Funding for this assistance is available through the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The Fairfax County Landlord Portal, administered by the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, is open to landlords of properties located within Fairfax County with tenant households that meet the following eligibility criteria:

INCOME LOSS: The tenant must be experiencing income loss as a result of COVID-19 (including job loss, reduced hours, the need to be home with children because of school closure, or other reasons)

MONTHLY RENT: The monthly rent for the property must not exceed 150% of the Fair Market Rent value. In Fairfax County, rents cannot be more than:

  • Studio: $2,269.50

  • 1-Bedroom: $2,322

  • 2-Bedrooms: $2,647.50

  • 3-Bedrooms: $3,394.50

  • 4-Bedrooms: $4,113

TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME: The monthly household income of the tenants must not exceed 80% of the Area Median Income. In Fairfax County, monthly household income cannot exceed the following limits:

  • 1 Person: $55,750

  • 2 People: $63,700

  • 3 People: $71,650

  • 4 People: $79,600

  • 5 People: $86,000

  • 6 People: $92,350

  • 7 People: $98,750

  • 8 People: $105,100

To Apply:

Landlords should access the Fairfax County Landlord Portal to submit their funding request. Please be sure to review the portal instruction packet for details on creating an account and what you need to make a funding request.

Once the application has been completed, Fairfax County staff will contact you within one week to determine eligibility and to collect any additional documentation or information which is needed.

Once your request has been approved, the payment will be issued directly to you (the landlord), most often from an identified community-based organization. Payments are usually issued within two weeks of final approval.


For assistance with your request, or if you have questions about the Landlord Portal, please contact Neighborhood and Community services at or by calling 703-324-5580, TTY 711.

A Note to Fairfax County Residents:

Residents seeking rental, utility, food or other emergency assistance for themselves or their family should call Coordinated Services Planning at 703-222-0880, TTY 711, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If an application is denied for assistance through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, residents may still be eligible for assistance through other programs. Coordinated Services Planning can provide assistance in determining what resources residents may be eligible for.

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