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FCRHA to Award Up to $50,000 in Academic Scholarships

People who live in affordable housing supported by the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority (FCRHA) will have the opportunity to apply for academic scholarships beginning March 1, 2024. Up to ten applicants will receive a $5,000 scholarship for postsecondary education including technical training.

“Equity is a core value at our agency. We strive to remove barriers and provide access to opportunities. Our scholarship program helps to do just that by giving people who live in housing supported by Fairfax County an opportunity to further their education and improve their economic outcomes,” said Lenore Stanton, Chair, FCRHA.

How to apply: Applications will be available online beginning March 1, 2024. Please call 703-246-5000 or email for assistance. Applications close on April 30, 2024, at 4:30 pm.

Who can apply: Fairfax County resident who lives in affordable housing supported by the FCRHA.

Qualifications: See our website for information about eligibility.

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