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Keeping Our Promise: Continuing the Work of Affordable Housing in Fairfax County

Through this COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all heard how we’re safer at home; but what about those who don’t have a place to call their own or who are struggling to remain in their homes? With so many essential workers struggling to make ends meet amid the impacts of COVID-19, through no fault of their own, the work of enhancing the County’s stock of housing that is affordable is more important than ever.

“Home is really the foundation of success for both the community and for families,” said Tom Fleetwood, Director of Fairfax County’s Department of Housing and Community Development. “Safe and affordable housing, and access to affordable housing in all parts of Fairfax County is also essential to us being the type of community that we want to be, an equitable community where everyone has access to opportunity.”

This global pandemic has increased the urgency to ensure that Fairfax County continues to advance the work of providing more housing that is affordable through development, strategic investment, and in its inclusionary land use policies. The following video highlights the work of the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority and the Department of Housing and Community Development, and how they have creatively continued to make persistent progress amid the difficult challenges presented by this pandemic.

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