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Privately Owned Affordable Rental Housing Available

February 25, 2022 – Fairfax County is home to thousands of “committed affordable” rental housing options owned by private landlords which are not administered or operated by the county. Many of these properties are delivered through the Workforce Dwelling Unit (WDU) and Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) programs. These programs encourage the inclusion of affordable units within new market-rate developments all over the county.

“Committed Affordable” refers to rental housing units whose rents are guaranteed by agreement with federal, state, or local governments, to be affordable to households with low- and moderate- income.

For more information on these and other privately owned rental housing options, please visit


The Fairfax County Department of Housing and Community Development has received notification from the following privately owned communities regarding potential vacancies at their properties (income eligibility and other stipulations may apply). This notice is provided as a public service as a point-in-time listing of potential vacancies. Vacancies may be filled at any time and are not guaranteed.

Note: These units are not administered, owned, or operated by Fairfax County or the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Questions pertaining to availability, leasing terms, rent, and applications should be directed to each property management office directly. Vacancies may be filled at any time and are not guaranteed.

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