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Request for Competing Proposals Issued for Affordable Housing Redevelopment at Reston Town Center

The Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority (FCRHA) has received an unsolicited proposal under the Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002 (PPEA) for the redevelopment property located at the intersection of Bowman Towne Drive and Town Center Parkway in the Hunter Mill District. In accordance with FCRHA procedures and the provisions of the PPEA, the FCRHA has issued a request for competing proposals for simultaneous consideration for the project (to be known as Bowman Towne Court) which will include the design and development of affordable housing and a branch of the Fairfax County Public Library.

The FCRHA is seeking a qualified developer to design, develop, construct, own, and operate (at no cost to the FCRHA) an affordable multifamily housing community under the terms of a long-term, nominal fee ground lease from the FCRHA. The mixed-use development must integrate a new regional library into the project, which shall be designed in accordance with Fairfax County Guidelines for Architects and Engineers, as well as the Fairfax County Library Design Guidelines.

The complete details for this RFP, including submission instructions and selection criteria, are available online. The Request for Proposals will close at 2 p.m. on Monday, May 16, 2022.

Questions regarding this RFP should be submitted via email to

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