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Fairfax County Affordable Housing Leader Featured at National Industry Event

Anna Shapiro, Deputy Director for Real Estate Development and Finance at the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority (FCRHA), presented at the U.S. Housing Community Development Conference and Expo last week in Dallas, TX.

Her panel conversation highlighted financial tools utilized by Fairfax County and other localities in the U.S. to develop affordable housing. The panel also discussed how innovative partnerships with private industry are leveraged to preserve and produce affordable housing.

“In Fairfax County partnership with developers, financial institutions, and our state and federal authorities, is key to everything we do. During the past six months, the affordable properties we opened or began construction on have all been in partnership with private industry,” said Ms. Shapiro.

The annual event brings together public housing administrators, community development officers, elected officials, state land officers, policy makers, investors, lenders, and other members of the affordable housing community. Ms. Shapiro shared the stage with Peter Brewton, Director at HR&A Advisors, and Monica Medina, President of Affordable Central Texas.

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