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Catalyzing Equitable Affordable Housing Solutions

Everyone has the right to safe, affordable housing, and equitable access to communities of their choice   . The FCRHA pursues new affordable housing opportunities in places with access to transportation, jobs, schools, and other amenities. Affordable homes include green spaces, activity rooms and other places to help foster healthier lives.

Affordable Housing Prevents Homelessness

A combination of street outreach, emergency shelters, hypothermia prevention, and supportive housing help people move  into stable homes. Partnerships with nonprofit organizations connect individuals and families with resources customized to their individual circumstances.

Fairfax County affordable housing equity and homelessness data

Karla Bruce, Chief Equity Officer, Fairfax County / One Fairfax

“The old model was often to put housing where there was cheaper land. But that often meant limited green space or few living wage job opportunities nearby... Now, we have a better understanding of vulnerability and access to opportunity by census tract and by block group, in every area of the county. That lets us intentionally view housing through an equity lens.  So, where opportunity isn’t present in an area where we might locate housing, we can work to bring opportunities to the people in that area. And then, where opportunities already exist but housing is inaccessible, we can work to make sure that we are promoting access to those opportunities by expanding where we are locating affordable housing.”
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