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FCRHA Inspection Team Earn Housing Quality Standards Certification

Housing Unit Inspectors play a critical role in ensuring that housing programs administered by the Fairfax County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (FCRHA) provide tenants with homes that are decent, safe and sanitary.

In FY 2019, the Inspections Unit conducted nearly 7,000 inspections – approximately 9 per day – to ensure that units meet the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Just recently, following a three-day training and after passing a lengthy examination, FCRHA inspectors received their Housing Choice Voucher HQS certification. The training and examination tested their knowledge relative to the inspection of housing units and general room standards for kitchens, bathrooms, electricity, plumbing and security.

This is considered a "mission-critical" achievement in supporting the FCRHA’s commitment of ensuring that all tenants have a healthy, safe and secure place to call home. Having this certification ensures FCRHA inspectors are implementing the latest HUD guidance and best practices for providing exceptional inspection services for all housing units.

Congratulations to our newly certified and re-certified Inspections staff:

· Michael Beale, Inspections Team Manager

· Paula Lewis, Inspector

· Wayne Matthews, Inspector

· Roger Morales, Inspector

· Patricia Washington, Inspector

· Mary Lou Thompson, Quality Assurance Section Chief

· Renee Whiteman, Administrative Assistant III​

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